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Rich Avery, the host of the More Than a Pastor podcast, is on a mission is to help pastors and church leaders supplement their ministry income with a sustainable business or side hustle. He believes that pastors should be able to create income outside the church that could help them do their ministry in the church AND provide for their family. Rich coaches pastors to leverage their skills, experiences, and talents to monetize them into the marketplace.

But pastors aren’t the only people who could stand to earn a little extra income. With a looming recession and record high inflation, everyone is feeling the pinch. And Rich’s experience and expertise could benefit anyone looking to start a side-hustle (or full blown business).

Rich started his entrepreneurial journey because he realized that his income from the church was not enough for his family’s size. He started to look at other ways to leverage his skills and experiences, such as copywriting, fundraising consulting, and audio production. Rich dabbled in a few different side gigs, but soon realized that he could combine his different interests and skillsets into something that would greatly benefit his fellow ministry workers. Rich started the More Than a Pastor podcast to help pastors that wanted more in their life, such as more time, fulfillment, or income. He started to interview other pastors and people to share their experiences to help other pastors get ideas for what they could do.

After a few episodes, Rich realized that he wanted to hone in more on the more income side to help pastors that are struggling financially. And now he’s joining us to share some tips on how to get started with a new business endeavor that taps into your passions AND proficiencies.

Watch the full interview.

Watch a bonus segment from the interview that digs deeper into the topic of faith and entrepreneurship.

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